Okay, let’s pretend, just for a moment, that we JUST met and it’s kind of awkward, so we’re saying totally asonine things to each other, as we tenatively feel each other out: Wow – last weekend, it rained a lot!  and I love bread! and how bout them Yankees*? Are you with me? So now I will say: I love fall. Holy crap, I love Fall. I know I am not alone here. Today, there is the SLIGHTESS tinge of it in the air, so I instantly grabbed a sweater and a hot coffee to celebrate. It is absolutely my favorite season hands down for reasons including but not limited to: aforementioned sweaters and hot coffee, scarves, leaves, bright gray skies, putting pumpkin in things, hunter green, kneesocks, potato soup, hot toddies, cold rooms with warm beds.

*But I would never say this. Ever.

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