Tim Brunstetter


This just in: as I previously suspected, my little Brother is so awesome. Brave, funny, humble, smart. He pretty much officially confirmed all of these things yesterday – he flew in early for a wedding in Long Island, and we had some much needed brother/sister/beer/sandwich/ city time.

I convinced him to come early and talk to the cast and crew of Oohrah! who had lots of questions for him about his experience as a Marine. It was this perfect collision of my two worlds – my heart was seriously exploding with warm happy things listening to him talk to the actors, and laugh at jokes in the play (re: puppies getting thrown off cliffs.) It gets the Funny stamp of approval from him, so I pretty much think we’re good to go.

Also, he taught a 13 year old Sami to march and shoot:


Patiently Stood in Front of things that he matched, while I took pictures:


And allowed me to speak blatantly about arranged marriages between he and one of the Kilby sisters. Either or.


(On another note, how pretty is Sarah?? Seriously, it’s like Stupid.)

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