I’m up in Poughkeepsie at New York Stage and Film with Naked Angels to just – write a play. Hang out, walk around, contemplate, and write a play. Um, I feel so lucky. Sure, the beds are slightly mental ward, but it’s pretty sweet. I have an awesome gothic / lion witch and the wardrobe dorm room thing to myself, and a whole beautiful campus to explore – which boasts over 200 types of trees, gardens, lakes, paths.

This morning, I DID RESEARCH AT THE LIBRARY. Like, I searched for, and found, a book. It’s like live googling. Then I found a nook. And read. Then I ate a cookie. And explored more. I should probably write that play now.

Coming soon: ‘A Long and Happy Life,’ – or – Bekah and a mystery celebrity dramatically explore her newly-found irrational fear of death.

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