Erin McCarson


Or: EMcC, those who Matter (me, and selected others.)

Um, I don’t even know where to begin.

Erin hails from Yadkinville, NC – a hop, skip and a waffle house away from Winston. She grew up with cows in her backyard, as good girls should. We didn’t meet until freshman year at UNC – me stage manager, her running a light board. Sound board? light board. And when I, in my bandana and man’s dickies overalls (theater, okay?)  fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle, but then walked around pretending like it was fine, and E forced me to let her take me to student health – well – let’s just say, it was love.

She has the biggest heart of anyone I know, and if you are fortunate enough to be loved by her, she literally envelopes you with love, and allows you to sleep there. Like, overnight.

She’s been in NYC for about 5 years too, and since moving here has taken her throne as the reigning queen of Astoria. She nannies an amazing little girl, as well as acts, as well as does hair and make-up for photo shoots and weddings with roommate Jess (other post entirely.) In ADDITION to writing music for / singing in Cudzoo and the Fagettes. No matter what, on any given night, I always know that she’s doing something rad (my bra is in a tree! or: playing with fairies on the roof!) , and that I can always join her.  

Jello wrestling and Roller derby champion – Track Coach – Actor – songwriter – Godmother –  Is there anything she cannot do?

(There isn’t, actually. I’ve checked.)

What’s not to love?? I mean, look at this puddum:


…pinch them.

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