I got a slight talking to at work today by my boss about the fact that I’m too Nice. I don’t want to glorify myself – I don’t think it’s so much that I’m too NICE – more like I’m terrified of not being nice. Being nice is more like fear.

Either way, I’m brainstorming ways to be less Nice – or more brave. More ‘ I don’t take no crap from nobody!’ and ‘Grrrr!!!’ and ‘ I WANTED BALSAMIC ON THE SIDE, YOU WORTHLESS INDIVIDUAL!!’ and ‘RESPECT MY AUTHORITY!’ or however it is  you brave people do it. I have a few ideas in terms of how to better myself in this regard – feel free to add your own suggestions.

– kickboxing

– shave my head

– more eye contact

– stop making cookies for people when I hurt their feelings

– allow myself to be mad, and not be afraid of this

– make people cry

– not take no crap from nobody

– stop making excuses for people

– stop apologizing

– carry a gun

– face tattoo?

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