elizabeth castoria

Or: my friends are better than yours, part 3!


Kindly meet Ms. Elizabeth Castoria, or, to those who love her the most (me) – simply Buddy. This little pocket-size tofutti pop and I met our first year of Grad school (she studying Fiction writing.) She had me at um, so do you wanna go get a hot dog or what? and we were fast friends from there – and lived the good life in our tiny 2 bedroom on Christopher street – where the biggest decision was should we get iced coffee before we go lay out by the river – or after? Sure, her hot dog is vegan, and mine is dirty and piggy, but I have learned endless things from this gal – from tidbits of activism, how great it is to be truly passionate, to the perfect way to sautee black beans, garlic with kale – she even dragged me to my first spin class. So, essentially, I am a better person, because of her.

Years later, we are still friends, which is great. Sure there was that one time her tire blew out in route from San Francisco to LA and we almost died, and that other time she came to see me for a weekend and I prompty got a stomach virus and spent the weekend puking on her lap (sort of). But for the most part, we have blossomed into fine adults, and deal splendidly with our adult related things.

Buddy ( I can’t call her Elizabeth / gives me weird eye twitch) was just promoted to managing Editor of Veg News , an AMAZING magazine about vegan living / living the good life, in general. If you are interested at all in being hot well into your 70s, or just being happier, generally, definitely check it out.

Also, she’s pretty. So.

Eat your vegetables, mmkay?

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