le pourquois pas


Hi, it’s me. Morbid. The French are sending their little submarine to the site of the Brazilian flight crash – a little guy named Porquois Pas (I mean, why not, right?) who was used to explore the remains of the Titantic, like, deep. I can’t help but wonder what they will find down there. (Stop, Bekah, Stop.) But really: blue people? Still in their seats, eyes peacefully closed, hair floating? Floating laptops and underwear? Floating peanuts and toothbrushes and chardonnay?   Is it sort of pretty and very still?  And then  all of the sudden, someone’s phone rings and they all wake up. And they open their eyes and smile and undo their seatbelts and just swim  up to safety and shake the water out of their hair. Right? Right? 

(I’m terrified.)

Okay, I’m done.

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