Hrrmm, why did this picture come up under ‘re-writing?’ No idea, but it sure does want to make me grab my mommy and a field of flowers, and a frolic in it.

I just wanted to admit what a terrible re-writing I am. I am so precious about my stuffs, and terrified of changing a small thing which will then lead to having to change 17 other things, so I move slowly and laborious through the script, changing tiny tiny things. It takes me forever. Never have I ever cut a whole scene of a play. I suck at that. I spent six hours yesterday working my way through Oohrah! for the reading at the Atlantic tommorrow. I think it’s really great that I get to keep working on it, each time it’s read, but yesterday I was just painfully reminded how ungood I am at changing things in a large way.

I am hoping two things: one – that all the movie writing I’ve been doing is going to help me here – I’m much for comfortable cutting in screenplays and have gotten more ballsy about it. And two – that eventually, my first drafts will get better and better and I’ll have less re-writing to do. But for now – here’s hoping I get better at it, or at least faster, cause people, writing is indeed re-writing, as they say in France, and pretty much everywhere. Get it together, Brunstetter.

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