So I think I have officially started a thing in which Steve and I eat really good food Friday nights, and then the next day I am all bloggy about the food we ate. Dare I call it – food journalism? No, I wouldn’t dare. But anyways, Steve and I ate really good food last night. Arepas, At Caracas Cafe on the lower east side. East 7th right off 1st. Um, yum. Arepas are a Venezualan sloppy joe – a corn meal pancake crammed with delicious meat and vegatable things. We sampled a veggie one that was stuffed with beans, peppers, and what appeared to be fried mozzerella – a chicken and guacamole friend – and a beefy friend, not to mention the fried plantains wrapped in cheese and sweet fried dough. You know, to start.  I had this amazing Sangria but with sparkling wine thing, and Steve had this honey and beer thing. I’m so professional. I really don’t understand why the Food Network doesn’t hire me right now, given my shrewd observations of food and drink,  like ‘yummy / it was awesome / it tasted good / I ate it / it had meat stuff in it / I ate more of it.’

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