oh, dresses


There is a mathematical logic to dresses. A formula or equation, even. The desire for dresses increases as the number of cute dresses steadily reaches infinity. Ergo, there is never a point at which one says to one self ‘wow. I officially have plenty of little dresses.’ Which directly, mathematically explains why I have about 37 and, by the time I die, will most likely have more. (Here’s hoping my granddaughters wear them ironically.)

Above, meet my newest friend, a little flouncy pullover number from Anthropologie, brand: ‘Facile.’ It pretty much makes me feel like a Spring Cupcake. For those of you who are clearly stupid, ‘Facile’ means ‘easy’ in French. Ie, ‘it’s terribly  Easy to feel pretty and awesome and fulfilled in this flouncy little dress, being that it only cost a small fortune and you feel guilty about having bought it. And it’s Easy to drown said guilt in a sea of additional little dresses.’ (And so on, you know, towards infinity.)

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