evil, thy name is Brad


I am ashamed to say that I have been duped by this online fraud stupid horribly frustrating dumb thing, the details which I won’t bore you (or humiliate myself) with.

Anywhoo, I’ve been trying to get my money back and it’s really not going very well. I disputed charge with bank, cancelled my card, but the word on the street (and assorted online reports) is that what they do is keep charging you, and when you don’t pay, they send you and your gullible, igornorant face to collections. So. That’s awesome.

I’ve decided to take out all of my frustrations and rage on ‘Brad’ who I think is running the business, in his gay american apparel man boxer briefs, out of his Mom’s basement. If you call the 1800 number, he answers the phone and goes ‘corporate office!’ You say you want your money back. He says ‘hold please let me connect you to billing.’ Then he puts you on h0ld. THEN HE PICKS UP AND PRETENDS HE IS SOMEONE ELSE.

‘Brad’ and I are having an email war, a lot. He says that my refund was already processed, but he lies like a fraudulent dog. Yesterday, our email chain got so heated after I corrected his grammar, that I told him I don’t know how he sleeps at night. Which was fun.

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