Moto / yum


Last night, Steve and I patroned this place and now I think I’m obsessed. It’s this little restaurant underneath the JMZ, and there’s something really charming about the fact that every 5-10 minutes the train sort of shakes the place – but this is slyly covered up by sweet live 20sish bluegrassy music. Last night I was delighted to be reuioned with this band I used to go see years ago at Telephone bar, during my brief yet enchanting time with Pizza in my Backpack boy.

Le menu was stunning and yummy. Usually, re: menu’s, they are dull kind of. Everything looks yummy but it’s kind of same old. Yawning; eating. OR – it’s so weird and fancy that it doesn’t sound appetizing. But with Moto, I wanted to slowly and carefully consume everything, ever. We had gruyere and ghouda fondue, Braised ribs, the most amazing veggie rissoto I’ve ever had, and chocolate pudding with fresh cream. Among other things I wanted to eat but did not eat were grilled doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar, chilled asparagus with boiled eggs and lemon juice,  lentils with fig croutons or something, dijoin chicken with cabbage, etc. etc. etc. Mmmm.

Okay, now I have to go eat everything ever. Seriously, patron this place.

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