Earth Day!


Happy earth day, ladies and gents! Today, may your coffee cups be biodegradable; may you bike and recycle and use your nylon grocery bags and cool metal water bottle things. Meh. Hippies. I’m kidding! I’m kidding!

I’m attempting to do my part by working on my piece for Global Cooling: The Women Chill, the site specific project for the Women’s Project. In my playlette, a group of actors are hired to play the Sun, The Wind, The Earth, and A VOLCANO!!!! – and as things go awry in their skit, I dramatically explore my own ignorance of the earth’s problems. In a funny, awkward sort of way. Honestly, though I’ve learned a lot and it’s been really eye opening. I pretty much want to hug polar bears, all the time, and I have single handedly started a USE LESS PAPER movement in my office.

In other, yet earth-related news –


How terrifying are renditions of Mother Earth?? HER BRA IS MADE OF CLOUDS. THERE ARE TREES GROWING IN HER HAIR.

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