BOO and things

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bud Kilby, look upon this, and hearken:Halloween spirit has reached Ainslie Street! Wooooo!!! Boo! Arf!  Blargh! Ghost sounds, Ghouls and whatnot! Possessed by the of the season, we stab innocent pumpkins with knives, likening their faces to our own!dsc01496.JPG Or to that of Democratic Nominees*!dsc01466.JPGCharmed by the Month of monstery magic, we Chaw upon silvery strings with our fangs!! dsc01475_small.jpg Wait, that’s actually just the Baby Kitty. We humanfolk, we never do weird things. Ever.* – Note – in no way did I or any Kilby sister carve this pumpkin, though we do approve of its message of Hope. Said pumpkin was carved (BY HAND) by Steve’s friend, a Mr. Jon Weiss of Manhattan Avenue, who hosted a beer pong party last weekend featuring the pumpkin. (The pumpkin won, and how.)

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