new roomies!


Just fyi, I have new roommates, Ms.’s Anne and Sarah Kilby, and I am clinically obsessed with their collected and individual awesomeness. They hail from Mt. Airy, NC – and are the daughters of my Dad’s friend Bud Kilby (‘Great guy, Bud Kilbly, Great Guy.’) He is a CEO of a sock company, which means free socks for everyone!

Sarah came to NYC to get her MFA in Poetry at Brooklyn College; Anne has a job at NYU working with international students. As roommates can be such a nightmare, I feel very lucky that my roommates do not suck. Most importantly, having no sisters myself, I revel in their cute sisterness, which basically means that they love and respect each other, a lot, and refrain, at all times, from booty dancing in each other’s faces.


Yeah, they never do that.

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