erin mccarson


Yes, I write lots and lots of plays for her. How could I not? Look at that puddum.

Most recently, erin starred in my new play Minerva’s Muscles in Working Man’s Clothes 3rd annual Binge festival: The Binge Olympiad. The festival ran the last few weekends from 11 til 3 in the morning, and featured plays, free shots of whiskey, craigslist ladies dressed like raccoons serving said shots, burelesque, performance art act things, magicians,  and that big Black guy who almost one the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest ‘rapping’ into a microphone. It was hot.

In Minerva’s Muscles, Minvera, crushed after her big loss in Shot put in the 1932 Olympics, meets Little Man at a run-down bar. To lift her spirits, she lifts him over her head.



This play was inspired by a brief conversation Erin and I had a few months ago:

Me: Hey E, I’m gonna write a Binge play for you, what do you wanna do?

E: I don’t know, lift a man over my head?

 Me: Done.

Let it be noted that in previous years, with no if, ands or butts about, I have made erin lick dirty floors, have a giant camel toe, and dance around with a broken foot singing broadway baby, all for the sake of a drama play. And she’s totally into it – most likely because every now and then, I give her a cute boy to kiss.

A match made in heaven.

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