Fanpersons, In case any of you  is wondering what I will doing this Sunday at high noon,  I will be brunching with this fellow:


Why? I’m not entirely sure.  But it has something to do with my alma mater and the Arts. The woman who invited me to be a featured UNC alum said, don’t worry, you won’ t have to give a speech or anything. To which I replied, why not?

I then inquired as to how long the brunch would last, to which she replied – only about an hour. David Hyde Pierce has a matinee to get to (He is currently starring on Broadway in Curtains.) To which I replied – wait, what?

A thorough google investigation reveals no link between Hyde-Pierce and UNC.

Still, I’m thoroughly stoked, and hoping that this brunch involves little sasuage things and breakfast cocktails. People, it’s the little things.


What? I’m not sure. Mind your own business.


Get back to your Day Job.

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