The webisode, Or:


Why I am bad at screenwriting.

My actory friend, Jeff Berg (Trevor in I Used to Write on Walls) has decided to produce a webisode similar to Entourage, but NYC, way less glitzy, lot more gritty, about trying to make it as an actor in NYC. Being so close to, yet so far, from celebrities. Not being about to afford anything. Silly classes, ads, auditions, good advice, bad advice, debt, breathing exercises, etc. I think it’s a grand idea, and I’m writing for it!

The challenge lies in brevity and economy of words. I love words so much and pretty much always prefer to use 17 when really only one is necessary. I studied screenwriting for 3 semesters in school, but I swear, I still suck at it – getting better, I hope, but as much as you can understand it intellectually – it is so hard to show as opposed to tell. To shut the hell up and let the camera do its job.But I have faith in this project, and I’m excited to have an excuse to flex these skills. Stay tuned for episode one, in which the guys attempt to go clubbin, but can’t get in. I will probably also poke a dry finger at Pizza Hut commercials, somehow.But for now, I eat cereal and stare at Final Draft.

It’s totally coming; it totally is.

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