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Toot Toot!


Le Fou opens this weekend at the Atlantic! Corsets! Mayhem! Infidelity! And then it subsequently closes, as well. A quickie. I haven’t been able to see rehearsals at all so I’m doubly excited to see it, for the first time.

Up next, I’ve written two new one acts, both which are happening one night and one night only, and are of course on the exact same night, eegats, May 19th, which means I will be somehow hover crafting from one place to the next.


Flux Theatre Ensemble is doing Midsummer this Summer, so they assigned each character in the play to a playwright and allowed them to do their thang one actly, to sort of pre-game the grand production in a thing called ‘Imagination Compact.’ I was given Bottom, the character with a large amount of actor-y hubris, whose head gets turned into that of an ass; who gets one hot night with the fairy Queen who finds him momentarily attractive.  I wrote ‘Pretty Pretty and the Asshead McGee’ – a brief love story between a D list celebrity and an eye doctor – which will star ms. Erin McCarson, and yet another disgruntled fairy person.

Next,  for At Play Productions (The group formed out of the Old Vic/ New Voices Productions), I riffed on student loan debt in my new one act ‘Daddy Took my Debt Away,’ for an evening of one acts called ‘Generation Me,’ which is apparently what we all are. May 19th at the Atlantic.

Coming soon: A production of ‘I Have it’ in LA over my bday (which I will be attending! YEAH!) , a short screenplay of Happy Birthday/ I’m Dead, a workshop of Miss Lilly Gets Boned (MAYHAPS) through the Babel Theatre project, and collaborations and happy things and non-work related things and late nights and early mornings and inaccessible themes and accessible characters; a dirty mac book and the Utter Lack of the Baby kitty.

I’m goin to Broadway.  Sure am. Okay, now I feel better.

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