Due to extenuating Dramaplay writing situations, I have found much of my weekend viciously eaten by the state of New Jersey, which I have now re-named ‘Weekend Eating Monster Machine.’

(I have definitely found that if you work a grown-up person schedule, weekends become this sacred thing, and anyone or anything that tries to eat of it, or mess with it, becomes a Villian.)

But: I am happy, nonetheless, and proud, to be Doing Things. So train and bus I did to this neighboring state; Friday night to see see a show at Luna Stage in Montclair; 45 minutes there and back on NJ Transit. Today, I hoofed today to Hackettstown, NJ, for a rehearsal for You May Go Now at Centenary Stage.

I have definitely learned that I hate transit, I am incapable of doing productive things while transiting, I enjoy starring at drug stores and little shopping centers, and that mountains are pretty.

As for You, the Weekend Eater Monster Machine: I’ll see you Wednesday. You haven’t seen the last of me.

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