Neo-facism – for Kids!


In celebration of Working Man’s Clothes 3rd birthday, we held a lil fundraiser shindig Monday night in the Middle of Nowhere, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Thanks to gentrification, this Middle of Nowhere now includes an over-priced organic natural food store and this pizza place, Roberta’s. It’s the perfect space for a such a party. Long and barn-ish. My friend Masonite is working there making pizzas, which amuses me to no end.
And speaking of Michael, he and Cole have teamed up, creatively, with the sole goal of teaching Kids about Communism. Crucial; Significant!


Also patroning our fundraiser were the three sweetest thug kids you ever did see, neighborhood kids who lurk outside with their BMX bikes. They can dance STUPID good, and performed for us as Archie, token Black man Patron/spinner person, spun Kriss Kross. Turns out these kids madz skillz be so’s cruzy cause they are cousins to none other than Lil Bow Wow himself.

All in all, funds were raised.  Three bands played – pizza with organic cured meat product was consumed – Sparx drunk –  and the birth of the Thing that is still happening that is the Working Man’s Clothes (Authentic, Orginal Theater- touche) – was thoroughly celebrated.


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