He is risen, indeed!

Easter at the Brunstetter always involves lots of strategically placed bunnies, or ‘bonnies’ as my esteemed mommyperson calls them, while sometimes hopping about like one. (Sometimes, I join in.)

But this year, they are realer than ever. They are fuzzy and disturbingly bunny-like. They leer, as if to say:

He is risen, indeed, and I am very cute, and if you do not pet me right stinking now, I will summon the armageddon. And also maybe chew on your foot.


The bonnies sit atop beds and are nestled into corners! They are perched atop televisions, stuffed into crevices, arranged across mantles! They are everywhere, and they mean Business.

Also, sometimes they are porcelain, which makes them even more cute and emphatic.  Grr! Easter!! Grrruff!!


Finally, naturally, there is the Easter Tree.


Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of Easter joy in this house.

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