extra; extra

Gargh. Tired.

I feel obliged to keep Everyone posted. All of you. Hearken:


Sunday night I ate a whole block of brie.

My boss done got herself knocked up. It’s cute.

I’m going home next weekend for a reading of Green at the Winston-Salem Little Theatre, and for family revelries. I’m already having absurdly specific goodwill fantasies.

I’m going to Disney World! Coming April 08!

My roommate’s brother has cancer. It really, really sucks. He’s been given two months to live. She’s moving out. I’m going to miss her, and her bangs, and her absurdly large knife block. I’m so lame, I wrote a play about it. About her brother, that is, who is a really strong christian and only 23 yers old. The play is stupidly emo and called ‘fucking art.’

I have recently decided that my calling is to write God plays. Jesus, re-visited. No, I’m serious. It is a thing specific to me. Sort of. Dad, I’m seriously going to use my powers for Good.

No more denying of whoeth I yam.

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