I am writing this 100 times


Raise your hand if you support my selection of this 19th-century esque etching thing of a ‘hand’ ‘writing’ for my ‘handwriting’ diatribe.’

Raise it.  

In efforts to further personalize business relationships, today, I am hand-writing this eager greeting 100 times on nifty little cards:

Dear ———,

I am the ECH Account Executive for New York, and would love to speak with you about your company’s Housing Needs. I would love the opportunity to get a ‘foot’ in the door! (Note: said greeting also comes with little pad of paper. Shaped like foot. Suck it, un-witty rival companies.) We provide an alternative housing option to the business traveler, who tends to have extended stay needs of 30+days. We are more cost effective than a hotel, one of the many reasons to explore our products and services! We also own our own buildings, and can place employees nationally and internationally. I will follow up with you soon, and hopefully we can meet!


My handwriting is a definite reflection of my person. It is messy, cute, confused, sporadic yet delicately controlled. It does what it wants, within reason.

Also: The Marine Corps Pen found in this year’s Christmas Stocking produces the best ink ever, in the world.

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