The Brunstet’s are trying to get together a serious family vacay before Dan and Tim deploy and Dad’s session starts. We can’t leave the country, lest D&T be dogders or flee-er’s or what have you, so the Bahamers are out.

Wherest shall we go, ever? I’m intrigued, as we have never been the kind of family that travels together – but – as we all learned from the nerf-based roust-about that occured Christmas Day, I think that we, as a family unit, are capable of some serious fun. So where should we go? Within the country, within reason? I’m pleased as pink if fried fish things are involved, and perhaps long winding talks that would not occur outside of some sort of place/mindset of complete relaxation. Also: re: relaxation, I have re-discovered the true meaning of it.  So, I welcome you, grown adult Brunstetter family vacation.

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