I wish I was stronger. I really do. And how does one go about accumulating it? I do not refer to strength of fingernails, abs or butt. None of which I have. Actually, my butt is kind of strong, parce que absurd amount of time spent spinning. It now does this strong butt-lump thing. Strong.

I refer to fortitude, I think? I don’t think I have this. I am no sort of pillar. Perhaps because I have undergone – nothing? Perhaps because my problems are small? What if they were big? My grandma is in the hospital. This is not good. This is bad.


LL Cool J wrote a book. . He ‘makes his own Rules,’ apparently. People, this guy has fortitude. I found his verbage in my new desk at work. I shall read it religiously on the train.

And maybe the bible, too.

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