Le Fou


C’est I have finished the first draft of my new play!

Paris, 1929 (date subject to change, I just figured out that i think it’s HORRIBLY historically inaccurate) – the first department store happens, as a place where the rich women can have something to do: spend their money. In this department store, there is a cafe, where the women can write letters to their illicit lovers. Porters are employed by the store to deliver the sordid letters, wait for a response, and deliver it back to the waiting rich gal. Also, John Singer Sargent’s reputation has just been horribly mauled when his painting of Mme. Amelie Gartreau (Mme. X) caused a huge scandal at the Salon. St. Valentine’s Day, the salon: hillarity and heartache, lost gloves and the pain of choosing ones first illicit lover ensue in the parlor of Marche Beardoux. I think.

Hey, at least it’s done. Sort of.

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