I am through Whining Now.


Walls is whiney. It just is.

I realized this Thursday night, as I watched and really listened. I’m starting to agree with some of the reviews, that it is a bit whiney.  Also – last night – as I watched the show – I realized that I’m shallow.  If the fact that at a given moment – no one finds me pretty –  can ruin my day  – if I am still lamenting the devastation of feeling unattractive in middle school – then stick me in the shallow end, cause that’s sad. Not that I am alone in my shallowness though – I think that most women are this way – and that is why the play really resonates with women who see it – but – if I spent half the time I spend whining and lamenting like – READING – DOING – I would be far more rounded. I would. I would perhaps have that inner glow which I have spent far too much time lamenting the utter lack of.

Point being, I’m done whining about that Now. I am – perhaps – hopefully – on the greater things.

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