je sick

Today, I am sick, which happens quite rarely and is pretty pathetic and looks like this:


Now, I hate the sick with a passion, because I am very much a go-doer and the HATE not having the drive to accomplish the things on my seven year long to do list which is horrendously embarassing and looks like this: photo-94.jpg

Eh. When I sharpie something up all good, I mean it.

So armed with tylenol cold – and daunted by my tasks of job-finding, floor washing, clothes-organizing (what/why), drama play writing, bill paying -I feel very disney movie. Very sword in the stone, but not nearly as animated.

Welp. You know what they say in France. Or in Sword in the STone. To and Fro. Stop and Go.

Here I go, sans stopping. Cough/Sneeze.

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