aquarium etiquette

Ladies and Gentlemen: Aquatic Journalism.

At the Aquarium, certain rules of etiquette are observed. Please pay attention.

DO make friends with the jellyfish. They are as colorful and as friendly and gay as Christopher St. They look like this:


Do NOT get trapped INSIDE the jelly fish tank. On NO! Je Stuck!


Do make sure pictures of said jelly fish are taken with iphone. Smile, the jelly fish.


DO take pictures of fat little penguins. Be sure to say things like hey look! It’s a penguin and what’s up, the little penguin? 


DO force your partner to take pictures of you next to the Large Sleeping Fish taking a much deserved nap. Do NOT have secret thoughts about deep frying him and dipping him garlic buttter.



Do, DEFINITELY DO form an artistic liasion with the Octupus who is lurking in its cave. Say hello, the octopus. I think we should collaborate, artistically. You’re pretty. 


Finally, DO make friends with Myrtle, the 565 lb 70 year old sea turtle. She wants to be your friend. However, she does NOT want you to attempt to jump on her back and ride her around like an aquatic horse. So do not do that. For sure.


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