Boston, expanded upon

So, this weekend, Steve and I ventured to Boston for a reading of my new play, Space, through Boston Theatre Work’s Unbound festival of New Plays. They look like this: btw_logo.jpg

Yeah. They are a great theater who hosted a reading of Green last year as well. Also, we just wanted an excuse to get out of the City, shack up in a hotel, hang out, and eat ridiculous amounts of food: which believe you me: we did.

It began with a Bus Ride that was supposed to be a mere 4 hours – but traffic caused it to be 6 and a half – which landed us there moments before I was supposed to be at the theater. Our pre-bus optimism looked something like this:


And then, on the bus ride, I ravaged Steve in a rousing game of scrabble, obtaining my highest score ever of 335. (He then, of course, ravaged me after. In scrabble, that is.) The board looked like this:


Bus scrabble at it’s best. The reading that evening went swimmingly. Good staging, good actors. I have never heard the full-length version of Space outloud before, so it was really enlightening – this audience was rotfl, if you will – where Sunday’s audience was a little more pensive and like, disturbed. Both readings were followed suite with awkward talk backs with the audience and me.

So re: Boston: yay. Like new york: urban, yay, but just – CLEANER. FRESHER. Even the subways. p1010019.JPG More pleasant, generally. Not to mention, Boston Commons, which is like Central park but less homeless and illegal sex, and more – like – ice cream and children. Oh. And statues. p1010014.JPG

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