Riding in Cars with Dad’s


Riding in car with Dad for three hours from Oak Island to Raleigh affords:

1.) An in depth conversation about the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats.

2.) A timeline of the Development of Differences between Republican and Democrats, including (but not limited to) Roosevelt, Roe V. Wade, the  sterilization of the mentally ill, and money.

3.)  A timeline of his mother’s and brothers’ assorted mental illnesses, of which I had no knowledge.

4.) A short story telling of the horrible Christmas before his parents got divorced when the Christmas tree fell, and his mother ran screaming into the front lawn.

5.) A  brief discussion about the fact that Egypt is in the Middle East, not Africa.

6.) A brief analysis of the movie Babel.

7.) An entire outline of Student Loans! The Musical, co-written by Bekah Brunstetter and Senator Peter S. Brunstetter, including the songs ‘I’m All A Loan’ and ‘My Interest Rate is Going up’ and ‘Consolidation Station.’

8.) A small debate over whether or not Wendy’s serves breakfast biscuits.

9.) Seven consumed pieces of Bazooka gum found in the glove compartment.

10.) One awkward chat with his secretary.

11.) One radio interview, en route, re: feuding newspapers in Mt. Airy, NC.

12.)  Two soggy Quizno’s Subs.

And then we arrived. I love my Daddy.

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