There are a lot of reasons to have more than one kid, like so they can keep each other company and so there’s more than one of them to take care of you when you’re old and incontinent and just for logistics, I mean you already have all of the stuff anyways and you should really get your money’s worth out of it right? And then of course joy, and the more the merrier, but the MAIN reason of course is so that you can take the pajamas you put the first one in, and put all of the subsequent kids in the same pajamas, and take pictures and put the pictures side by side and shriek at anyone who will listen, SEE? YOU SEE? THEY’RE SO DIFFERENT, AND YET SO THE SAMMEEEE-AHHHH! When I bought Joe’s pajamas, I would select each pair thinking one day maybe I will put his sister in these, with no actual assurance that we would ever have a second kid, but here she is, hulking out of them and pulling Joe’s shorts and hair, wanting to be him, little-sistering so hard there’s no way I can’t hear her back then as I tucked the pajamas away into bags, sealed them with Hope.

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