time store

Where is the store that sells Time by both the capsule or the bottle, depending on if you need more minutes, or hours? Each piece not only goes with your capsule wardrobe, but is also low calorie and high in protein and does NOT require a login. It fits in your purse, and the back of your car. There’s a storefront, but you can also buy online, free expedited shipping to anywhere. Once a year, there is a flash sale featuring vacation moments starring at your children so hard you can see their hair grow, but only once a year. Time to have a full, deep, original thought are buy one, get one free. There’s a waiting list for more Time, Time to meet your great grandchildren, but the bins at the front, full of tiny pockets to check on a friend or pause and eat food. Standing outside of the time store, window shopping, realizing it’s three minutes until school is over and you haven’t gotten any of it Done, is free.

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