little dresses

My mom very thoughtfully saved some of my baby dresses for me, preserved them impeccably, and gave them to me for Bobbie to wear, but I can’t seem to find a moment to put one on her that won’t disturb a feed or a nap, as we need her to nap so we can Live. She’s a second kid so sometimes she’s lucky to be wearing clothes at all, and it’s my humble opinion that she’s so beautiful and so stunning that she doesn’t actually need dresses like the rest of us. So I’ll leave the dresses here for now, in this junk drawer of zeros and ones, filed under cute things I never got around to doing, so they can be seen. SEE? SEE THE PRETTY, TINY DRESSES THAT I ONCE WORE? FUTURE BOBBIE, AGE 33, HAVING FINALLY TAKEN AN INTEREST IN YOUR MOTHER AS A HUMAN BEING SO YOU’RE READING THIS BLOG: SEE? I love you so much, you didn’t sleep well last night, I’m so tired. Here are some little dresses I once wore. Maybe you’ll find them in a cabinet, for Yours.

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