It is possible to be a mom in your 40s and also fun, you just need an Amazon Prime account, some temporary tattoos, credit card points and a hotel room to stick your family in, a LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE SPOUSE who rolls with this, so you can go see Beyonce with your two best friends who you’ve known since you were 18 and live out a dream come true. Carrie and Blaine and I are like all the other middle aged millennial white women, we love 3 things: Sex and the City, soft workout leggings and BEYONCEEEE. Somehow, despite living in 3 different states and 5 kids between us, we managed to all meet up in Charlotte PAST OUR BEDTIMES to see the Queen. Beyonce is actually a year OLDER than us, and if she can stay up til twelve, so could we. Just hours before the show, she was probably covered in applesauce too, watching Cocomelon with her kids, she had to get up at six and give them their waffles (or did she?) but there she was, 11 PM on a weeknight, wide awake, superhuman, wearing Glitter and Feathers and heels and Hands, singing her face off, transcendent, giving her everything, so SO DID WE. Carrie said it felt like us before kids. For a minute it was true, until the stadium shook and I thought of mine. Flying back the next day, Joe found the leftover bee tattoos on my arm. He asked me if I went a birthday party? I say Yes.

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