Mayonnaise Cake

Many years ago, the wife of a mayonnaise salesman (true story) thought, maybe I’ll make a cake with mayonnaise instead of eggs, maybe that would be delicious and my husband would then sell even more mayonnaise, and she would be Right. In fact, no one had been so right since the guy who accidentally discovered Penicillin. Years later I find a recipe in a magazine and think, or more accurately SHOUT, I HAVE TO MAKE THIS MAYONNAISE CAKE, IF FOR NO OTHER REASON THEN TO SHOUT TO PEOPLE, I MADE A MAYONNAISE CAKE, and I so I make it for no other reason, and the result is the moistest, most moist, Moistestest chocolate cake I’ve ever made, and we ate in the afternoon, also for no reason. Thank you wives, and accidents, and weird ideas, thank you mayonnaise, and thank you — for the 700th time — thank you Cake.

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