Physical Therapy

If you’re finding it hard to find time to do your Physical Therapy, it’s possible to just do it on the floor next to your baby, as she’s sort of doing a PT of her own, bringing her knees to her chest and trying to roll over and scrutinizing her feet and hands, sometimes yours. Your body is worn from all its years of living, and hers is just begun, but they’re both bodies, and lying there together is time well spent. UNGHHHHH you groan, trying to engage your old and stupid glutes, trying to correct your anterior pelvis tilt which you just learned is a thing. UNNNNGHHHHHHHH she echoes, trying to roll onto her stomach, her pelvis and glutes and spine buried deep in the marshmallow of her young body. Rest for 10 seconds between reps, take her hand, and take in her little body, pausing to pray that it’s never hurt and that there’s never cancer in it and that the worst thing that ever happens to it is a bulging disc in her 40s, or maybe childbirth. UNNGHHHHHHHHH she shouts, reaching again for her feet. She’s ready to go again before you are.

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