I turned 41 yesterday, an age which my friend Alina aptly described as ‘you’re basically too old to be cute or appealing and too young to have lived an interesting life or wisdom…it’s a no man’s land.’ WOOF. 41 is not a milestone, sort of a non-birthday, just chugging along, but I still celebrated the HELL out of with my favorite things, a trip to Santa Barbara, a massage, a fancy lunch, a hike, a nice dinner, I just love forcing my friends and family to celebrate with me and also take pictures of it. Maybe I’m a narcissist or permanently 8 years old, but I just really love birthdays, because I really, really love being Alive. I see the same look on Bobbie every time she wakes up. I’M ALIVE! I’M HERE AGAIN! YOU AGAIN! THIS IS AMAZING! Welcome to your life, Bobbie, and to your family, and to your Mother’s whims. There will be so many cakes.

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