mom guilt

Maybe you’re a man, specifically a Dad man, and you’re reading this blog wondering, what is like to be a Woman, specifically a Mother? It’s so so wonderful, and it hurts, but most of all, the guilt is absurd and overwhelming, a constant undertow. Has it gotten worse over the last 50 years? Were women even allowed to have Self until the 60’s? Here’s a short list of things that make me feel guilty, ie, I should not be doing this, I should be fully present and engaged with my child:

  • Making dinner for us to eat
  • ordering groceries so I can make dinner for us to eat
  • any cleaning ever
  • texting a friend to check on them
  • showering (only sometimes, but I’ve actually felt this guilt)
  • doing my physical therapy so I can fix my body which is strained from growing and carrying the children

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