skincare routine

Facialist: so what’s your skincare routine?

First I wash my face in the shower with a product that another face person, facialist? at some point recommended to me. The brand is Skin. Skin something. it either cleanses or exfoliates, or does both. It might also renew. Then I put the Goop stuff on my face, not the Gwyenth Paltrow Goop, the other one that everyone uses, because I DO know I’m supposed to wear SPF, my skin wasn’t formed YESTERDAY. If I have time slash remember, I opened my medicine cabinet and am assaulted by all of the products that face people and friends have told me to buy, that I’ve forgotten I’ve bought, half of which are expired and now smell like rainboots, I reach for one and with zero knowledge as to what it’s doing to my face, I slap it on my face willy nilly, in hopes that I wake up looking like an instagram filter. There’s one that I do this with consistently. It comes in a — jar? Botanitcal. Botanica? No, that’s a restaurant with a good beet salad. It all goes on my face, and burns sometimes, sometimes leaves red spots around my eyes, sometimes not, but either way I keep using it because I think it’s good, when it burns? Because that’s the — enzymes. That’s the dead cells. The stem cells?



Facialist: I have some products to recommend


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