half thoughts

Goddess / favorite playwright and mother of three Sarah Ruhl has a book called 100 essays I don’t have time to Write and it’s brilliant and it pops into my head multiple times a week. Just because you can’t fully articulate something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value, and you should probably just get it out, stick it in the junk drawer of your mind with the packing tape and really hard old Gum. So for anyone reading this blog who’s not interested in my offspring or my what happens when my hormones crash, here are some thought slivers from the last few days UNRELATED to babies and toddlers, there aren’t many: Tech banks crash economy question mark, what does Communism mean Today?, my friend Janine’s Prime show SWARM is very good, full stop. Old Couple dies together in their car, in the Snow. Cake Flour, or to Not. Protein, hormone replacement therapy and how the medical industry tells women what they feel, and cannot. Dixie Chicks musical? The whole earth, spinning backwards. Am I brain yet? Is it milk yet? Can I order it on Amazon? Did I already? (I did.)

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