party of 4

Morrison says he feels like we’re already a family of four, probably because I’ve been lumbering around smuggling this human upside down pineapple for months now, but also because we always hoped and dreamed we would eventually be four, and here we (almost) are. I still can’t help but sob thinking about any part of my heart or attention being taken away from Joe, him feeling like I’m not available to him, but also I cried the other day because Morrison shut the door kind of hard? So that’s par for the course. I can’t wait for all of the More that this girl brings. To undercut ANY TENDERNESS HERE, a woman in Texas went in for a second C Section, gave birth to a healthy daughter, then ended up with sepsis and had to get her HANDS AND FEET REMOVED, which is exactly the kind of story I need to read right now? But she’s home now, doing core workouts and nursing her daughter. Point being, you never know, be grateful for literally everything, women are bosses, even the little one inside of me, dancing on my spine, pushing her way slowly out.

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