order in the kitchen

Money can’t buy happiness BUT you can use it to pay someone to clean and organize your kitchen, giving you a sense of order and calm, which is basically happiness? We’ve been prepping our home hard in anticipation of adding another kid, trying to eliminate things that cause any extra stress, and by ‘we’ and ‘prepping’ I mean throwing money at skilled professionals. Laura from Organized with Laura, or OWL, basically hire her for the acronym, came over and in a single day removed pounds of old granola bars and sheet pans and I don’t even know, rubber bands, ancient pasta, receipts, packets of soy sauce from 2017. She forced us to reckon with big questions like why do we keep two of my Grandma’s silver spoons around just for cat food? And why do we have five kinds of mustard? She created a drawer for joe’s snacks and plates that he can get himself, my cookie cutters live on a lazy Susan like queens, there’s a junk drawer with like two things in it, the coffee mugs are above the coffee maker, everything makes sense. HIGHLY RECOMMEND treating yourself to this small thing that can bring a bit of peace to an insane day or existential crisis. OFF TO GAZE AT MY SPATULAS!

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