The absolute best person to take care of your kid is Yourself, but sometimes you need to shower and organize cabinets and earn money, so the next best thing is Family, but sometimes, they live plane rides away. So even if you find some completely amazing non-family people to help to take care of your kid (which we have!) I still feel like the kid knows, this person is being paid to hang out with me, I don’t know what paid means? But I know what boogers are? But I feel like there’s something transactional afoot here, which there is, kid, and good job using the word transactional. They just KNOW. But then there’s friends that are LIKE family, and which are the next best thing. Joe’s pictured here with his aunt Elizabeth, who is framily, which you can’t find on craigslist or a Facebook message board, which you can only grow with time. She’s my sister in the sense that we’ve known each other for over 20 years and she’s seen me projectile puke red wine against a wall, and I would do anything for her. She visited a few weekends ago and Joe was instantly at peace with her, and now weeks after he comes into a room shouting CALL ELIZABETH!!!!!!! He knows what I know, which is she’s not being paid to pretend that cars are hungry with him, she’s doing it because she loves him, simply because he is a product of Me.

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