The power of Not

Joe’s new favorite word is Not, which is an extension of No but enables you to challenge reality which is an important if not annoying skill for a toddler. Joe, it’s night time, it’s time to go to bed! Joe: IT IS NOT NIGHTTIME! He can also do jokes, bits, and describe the contents of his diaper. But the thing that most recently made me sob: he knows my back hurts to the point where every time I walk into a room he shouts MAMA’S BACK A LITTLE BIT HURT! This morning he pulled a chair over onto his foot, like you Do, and all he wanted was for me to pick him up and make the pain go away, and when I reminded him that I couldn’t pick him up because my Back is a little bit hurt, he looked at me with such conviction, MAMA’S BACK IS NOT A LITTLE BIT HURT! And then I died the singular death of woman carrying second child, being pulled away from the first. But I will NOT cry every time I feel like I’m letting him down, I am NOT a puddle, I am NOT in crippling pain, it is NOT, IS TODDLER SECRET WORKING YET?

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