The Gamut

Since this is probably, theoretically, hopefully? My last time being pregnant I’m paying extra special attention to my insane thoughts and fulling surfing the waves of each rapidly shifting and conflicting emotion. My new favorite is the other night when I burst into tears because I realized I hadn’t changed Joe’s diaper in a while, literally I cried because it had been a few weeks since I’d seen his Shit, and then I cried because soon he won’t wear diapers, and I won’t get to change them ever again, at all. Approximately ten minutes later I was panicking to Morrison about fentanyl, and how we really need to make sure our kids know not to take strange synthetic drugs that might be laced with fentanyl, and how do we raise them to be open with us and not take strange drugs laced with fentanyl? Ten minutes later, I was asleep.

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