do less

As I rifle through the Tetris of our freezer for breakfast sandwiches, wishing I’d had the time and forethought to make us a breakfast casserole, wincing from sciatic pain from lifting one kid while growing the other, in my head scheduling a call, packing, both sending and responding to an email, cleaning the grout, while checking in for a flight, buying formula and stocking stuffers, making a coffee cake, finishing a rewrite and paying off student loans, I’m reminded for the 9 millionth time of the Shakespeare quote, EXPECTATION IS THE ROOT OF ALL HEARTACHE. Shout it from the rooftop while you’re up there cleaning your gutters, hanging up your lights too late. Shout it at me, if you see me, shout it at yourself. My Mantra for 2023, for impending two kid life, is EXPECT LESS, BARE MINIMUM IS THE NEW THRIVING. Prioritize health, sleep, and baked goods. DO LESS, OKAY? BUT MAKE THE COFFEE CAKE.

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