November Surprise

We’re all familiar with the October surprise, a last minute bomb of sorts that turns an upcoming election, but did you know about the November surprise? It’s when EVERY YEAR I get really sick in November, usually on or around Thanksgiving, my second favorite holiday which I look forward to all year, so it always feels like some sort of cruel joke, or reminder that you can’t control basically anything. One year we hosted Morrison’s entire family and I was so sick that I mixed wine and theraflu on purpose. Last year I woke up Thanksgiving morning puking and had to explain to my sister in law how to make the stuffing in the crockpot through gags. This year’s November surprise came early! As some sort of stomach virus, which I do not wish on any pregnant woman, as my intestines are already shoved into a lump somewhere maybe up by my heart. Don’t quote me on that. My only hope and dream is that this means I’ll spend this Thanksgiving NOT puking, NOT passed out from cold medicine, but alert, healthy and alive, actually giving thanks. PLEASE, LET IT BE SO.

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