A prayer for (to) Rachel

Rachel, Dan took me to your grave today. I asked him if he minded if I prayed, and then I knelt down on You. I meant to talk to God and thank him for your life, and ask him to take good care of You, but before I knew it, I was actually just talking to You, thanking you for your Words and all they’ve meant to me, because sometimes when I talk to God it turns to other People, because sometimes God speaks to you through them. I then of course started crying and I asked You, am I making this about myself? And you said well, yes and I pondered your utter selflessness. Dan was proud to point out that he picked your spot because you CAN’T see the Walmart sign from it, As you always hated Walmart. I changed lines back to God. Please keep Walmarts out of Rachel’s house, And you laughed. You’d been listening, the entire time. 💙

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